Club History

The unique history of the university club of san francisco

1890 The University Club of San Francisco was founded under the idea there should be a gathering place for alumni of various institutions

1894 722 Sutter Street was leased as the original location for the Clubhouse. While elegant, it was soon deemed too small to host the growing membership

1904 Serendipitously the search for a more expansive Clubhouse location began, two years before 722 Sutter would be destroyed in an earthquake

1906 The Club’s original location at 722 Sutter was destroyed in the famous earthquake of 1906, and most of the building was consumed by fire

1908 Formerly the site of the Stanford Mansion’s stables, 800 Powell was established as the location for the new Clubhouse. Renowned architects Walter Bliss & William Faville were hired to design the Club’s new structure

1909 Grand opening of the new Clubhouse featuring Italianate architecture

1917 Fine book collection acquired and the Library was formally established

1962 The Club purchases the Clubhouse outright and has remained member owned ever since

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Located in the heart of the city, Nob Hill

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